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MegaLinter can generate various reports that you can activate / deactivate and customize

Reporter Description Default
Text files Generates One log file by linter + suggestions for fixes that can not be automated Active
Pull Request comments MegaLinter posts a comment on the PR with a summary of lint results, and links to detailed logs Active if GitHub Action
Updated sources Zip containing all formatted and auto-fixed sources so you can extract them in your repository Active
IDE Configuration Apply MegaLinter configuration in your local IDE with linter config files and IDE extensions Active
GitHub Status One GitHub status by linter on the PR, with links to detailed logs Active if GitHub Action Send reports on so you can access them with a simple hyperlink provided at the end of console log Inactive
JSON Generates a JSON output report file Inactive
Email Receive all reports on your e-mail, if you can not use artifacts Active
TAP files One file by linter following Test Anything Protocol format Active
Console Execution logs visible in console with summary table and links to other reports at the end Active